Monday, June 22, 2009

Fight club!

Well i my and a friend today decided to rent fight club. The movie with Brad Pitt & Edward Norton from 1999. So we went to our local movie store and asked if they had it. They however did not. Sothen we were then depressed and groaned all the way home. Then we got the phone book and called every rental shop we could find. Most if them had copies but none of them were in. So for about ten minutes we screamed and moaned in frustration. Then eventually i managed to rustle up a copy and OMG! That is now one of my all time favorites! I love the ending especially just how he stands with marla and everything. Its so great. ANyway i wont give away any good secrets but if you like deep dark scarythrillers with plenty of good humor then this is tailor made for you. 9 peppers

Friday, June 19, 2009


okay so i found a great new show yes i know yet again! Its called Mental. It stars some Jason Bateman look alike with a British accent. I don't know what really going but there was some kid who had massive temper tantrums and played video games in his brain but British Bateman fixed that. So i give it 7 peppers


Daniel Tosh

Okay so recently while browsing on Comedy Central i found a laugh out loud comedian named Daniel Tosh. He is one of the most funny people i have ever watched. I watched the special maybe four or five times. It was roughly an hour long because of commercials. But then i made an even greater discovery! The series premier of his new show! Tosh.0 If anybody has seen the recent ads for it, it might seem stupid and yes i agree his ads are of sort of bad taste. But the show itself is amazing! Like the danish guy who found it impossible even though he said he had done it before to break ten coconuts with his hand or the prank of the week. So in conclusion his stand up show was much funnier but Tosh.0 does great in its own respect. So it gets 9 peppers


The History channel!

This is a review about the history channel! So basically i love this channel. Its so educational but in like a really good way. In fact as i type this i am watching a show on the history of bullet proof material. Its actually okay but to me it seems that the weapons are one slight step ahead of the armor. But that a whole different banana. So the history channel gets a total of 8 peppers


A nice change

alright i know its been quite a while since i last posted on this particular section but i just wanted to announce that yes yes I'm BACK! Well i have had the chance to reflect on my earlier blog posts and to be completely honest with myself i did NOT like them in the least. I guess i complain a lot don't I? anyways now i will be switching over to a much more review based blog. Basically i will review everything i do. Like going to a movie, listening to a cd, local shops and business. That sort of deal and i will rate all of them on a scale of 1 to 10 peppers. .The food though not like the restaurant. I hate tex mex food that place gets 5 peppers. but i actually have now been informed that peppers is not a national food chain so if you dont have a clue what im talking about that is perfectly alright anyway for now i say see you soon for this is not goodbye like last time